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 "UCC" Video for "더 발칙한 한국학"

I made a video with a few of my friends here to help promote my new book, "더 발칙한 한국학":

   Naver (for Korean viewers)

   YouTube (for non-Korean viewers)

I actually hired a professional Korean-language voice coach, just to make sure I spoke the language as naturally as possible in
the video. We locked ourselves away for three days in a condo in Kyonggi Province, and practiced 14 hours a day until my
pronunciation and intonation were perfect. The results are impressive, wouldn't you say? Thank you so much, Master Yi!

Anyway, if you like it, please forward the link to friends, especially Korean-speakers:

   Naver URL (better for Koreans):

   YouTube URL (better for non-Koreans):

Peace and love, y'all!

Hey, Scott...
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