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 Keep up the Great Work, Mayor Oh!

A few years back, I wrote about how Seoul's Chongno District Office had mindlessly flattened the last yojong or gisaeng house in
Insa-dong and turned it into a freaking parking lot of all things (it was mindless in more ways than one, since the site turned out to
have been the former official residence Prince Uich'in, fifth son of King Kojong). On a recent trip to Seoul, I was disgusted – but
not at all surprised at this point – to learn that Ikson-dong's Ojin'am, for many years the largest and most famous yojong in all of
Chongno, had also been recently demolished, and according to news reports will be replaced with a modern budget hotel. Long-
time readers of "Bug" may recall that I interviewed one of its gisaeng way back in 1997; I even visited it one enjoyable evening
with my good friend Pedro from Portugal, and at the time was told by management that it dated to the very end of Choson (1392-
1910), and may have been connected somehow with the family of Queen Min. It was a beautiful building with a lovely inner-
courtyard garden and seemingly hundreds of different rooms, and although the local English-language papers did not seem to
much care, news of its closing was covered widely in the international media thanks to a lengthy wire story by The A.P.'s Kim

Meanwhile, Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon was recently quoted talking up his city's plan to further develop Digital Media City in
Northwest Seoul, spending over $150 million on a "Hallyu Hub" and theme park for domestic and international tourists (because
representations and simulations are so much better than the real thing). "We will make DMC the best hub for Hallyu content, just
like America’s Hollywood and England's Sheffield," he said. "[The project] will greatly contribute to realizing Seoul's vision
to emerge as one of the world’s top five cities."

Lol, double lol. Top five cities in what exactly? Ugliness, greed and philistinism? Keep up the great work, Sir – you're already
right up there at the top as far as I can tell.

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