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 At the Fukuoka Int'l Ferry Terminal

I recently did a visa run to Fukuoka and had to bust a gut when I saw this small sign at the coffee shop of the Fukuoka int'l ferry
terminal, which roughly translates as, "This shit ain't free, Korean motherfuckers!" As I was ordering a cup of coffee to go, I told
the two nice obasans behind the counter that the sign was funny because it was only in Korean and not in English or Japanese as
well. They both just smiled slightly and kept mum while going on about their business. I asked them, "Are Korean customers a
little 'difficult'?" After a beat one said, "Yes, they're a little difficult, aren't they?" I think the main intended target of the sign was
probably Korean ajummas, who it must be admitted have earned a certain "rep" for themselves in this part of the world. Maybe
the next time I pass through there, I'll secretly remove the sign and just sit there for a while and see what happens. I'd pay good
money to see a proper cat fight between a Japanese obasan and Korean ajumma!

I read your story from Newsweek, Korean edition
Call Me an Expat.

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